Jakub Soboczyński

Hi, I’m Jakub 🧑🏼‍💻 Currently, I am a Frontend Developer specializing in Vue and Nuxt. I try to get out of my comfort zone by focusing on exploring other technologies and paths, therefore, in addition to learning React, Next or Astro, I am also developing on the backend side 👀 and I create applications based on Node.js and Express.js using serverless databases like PlanetScale.

I use my free time to develop open source products such as Raycast, for which I have created five (so far 😎) extensions:

If you have an idea for another extension, be sure to let me know! You can find me on my social media 💬

Moreover, I am interested in automation, so I try to automate 🤖 ​​all repetitive activities, using various available tools.

Apart from programming, I love electronic music, so if you also like techno 🖤, you will definitely find me at a festival or a local party 🕺🏼